Tokyo Jungle Review

This game caught my eye whilst searching through the PS Store’s weekly updates. The screenshots it provided weren’t much to go on, but nonetheless the concept of the game had me intrigued.

Humans are extinct, it doesnt say how, but all that is left in Tokyo are the wildlife and nature which has reclaimed the land. You play as the animals, striving for survival and ensuring the species spawns a new generation.

The animals range from small farm animals, pets that have gone feral, up to the massive creatures of the wild and even the prehistoric! You start out the game’s tutorial as a small Pomeranian Dog, learning the controls and the basics of survival in this tough playground that is Tokyo.

The main feature of this game is Survival Mode, where the choice of animals starts small, but eventually grows as you complete challenges to unlock more.

Graphics & Audio: The overall graphics are a bit outdated, but the actual enviroments and animal models wont put you off in the slightest once you get playing. The audio features a wide range of real animal effects. From my experience there is a total absence of glitches so your experience will not be hindered.

Gameplay: The game starts out slow as you progress ever higher gaining bigger and better creatures ensuring long-term replayability. The online leaderboards are there for those who like a competitive streak, but are not crucial to the the overall enjoyment of the game. The controls and movement pan out flawlessly and ensure an easy learning curve.

Overall: Whilst the outdated graphics might put some off, the actual gameplay wont and will keep you coming back for more. You will get many hours of joy out of this with a new experience everytime.


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